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August was getting stronger in ’96, Drenched by the generous rains, Summer with a broad, yellow face, Full of mischievous […]

Brown and silver woman

I am a brown and silver woman, -full of wondrous secrets and dreams- Not too short, not too tall, -full […]


Poetry cannot be explained If you’re awake, you get it. I am poetrying In the still dark winter time of […]

Worked hard

We worked hard and saved All those coins-pennies, nickels, clink!, Dimes, clunk!, and quarters. Our kids said we fed them […]


Naci donde se pudo Creci como debia Vivi como supe Mori de desamor adolescente Renaci, cual ave Fenix y me […]


In a way, I didn’t let you go, You stayed to remind me of Love, commitment, and family, Of forgiveness […]

Las manos de mi abuelo

LAS MANOS DE MI ABUELO Manos torpes, curiosas, emprendedoras, de nino indígena, Torneadoras de molinillos y de trompos, Ávidas al […]