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Dikt Scent of love

When I found her in an ordinary day when the sun shone, I learned that she could love a man, that she could show someone the way.
My lonely heart rejected her sight for it was afraid of losing again. It didn’t accept her smiley face; it was shrunk to my chest and he rose to protest that I wouldn’t remain stood after one more stab in my left side.

Look at her face; see how tender she is; look inside her chest and you will find a heart that can love you as you can. Trying to convince my heart, I found myself beholding her purity and caressing her hair. Nothing could stop my desire of giving her my wounded heart to be cured; nothing more could rectify my way but her love, her care, her beauty.

I don’t know where I begin and when my heart accepted to befriend her. Now both hearts are made for one another. How did you do to change my life? When did you steal my heart? There you have what I love; here you have my love; now my life brightens, and now my happiness starts.

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Dikt Scent of love - Henry Santos Mendez Cartagena